Affresco Caravan Chelsea Georgian Izumi Sato Cinaras


Exploring ancient Silk Route tracks
We find the course of caravans.
They traveled centuries in search
Of rest and vital water source.
Izumi – is the one we found
Inside our cozy Caravan.


Izumi is a place of freshness, peace and delicate cuisine.

The restaurant ofers Asian food from Japan, China, South Korea, Tailand, and other regions

Ever since the dawn of the ancient Great Silk Road, caravans have always stopped to rest at water sources. Te sound of running water is repeated over and over again in the name of Izumi, the source.

The atmosphere of Izumi is conducive to meditation on such palatable questions as what depth the tuna was caught which is being masterfully prepared in front of you by the tepanyaki chef. However, it’s much better to dismiss any thoughts and give yourself over to two wholesome conditions – tasting the delicious meal and contemplating the beautiful surroundings.